Friday, July 2, 2010

Self Motivation Matters...

Peace & Blessings Ladies,

I Am giving Thanks to The Creator which sustains me...the Sunshine is "Be-You-tiFUL"!
This month, I have written an "Anticipation List" that I know will help secure my creative passions as a Motivational Lifestyle Artist, a student of Holistic Wellness, a Community Organizer, a Woman, and as a Peaceful Spirit.
I have written this list over and over...and each time I was able to intensely visualize myself in action...Being, Doing, and Having!

Please Check It Out...
I anticipate visiting an array of galleries, museums, events, small businesses/owners, and libraries in order to ENHANCE my studies and inspiring perspectives of various art forms..permissively I will document these experiences through sketch, photography, journalism/blogging and more...
I anticipate that my actions within the moments will increase my knowledge, skills, and abilities to initiate this MOTIVATIONAL MOVEMENT : "ME & MYGirlfriends"
Using this blog as tool of advancement within my mission.... I anticipate organizing, servicing, empowering, and fostering feminine development/sisterhood amongst urban and suburban neighborhoods within the local DC/MD areas. (**and eventually nationally and internationally across global communities**)

With so many HOT anticipations this summer...
I AM also looking forward to my 1st Art Showcase/Exhibition entitled:
"Explosive Perceptions: Black Femininity"
this limited edition collection will feature delicate and evolving self-imaged views of black girls/women as we pursue our lives with and without positive feminine guidance.

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